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Cost2Close - Monitoring Service

The Holy Grail for the mortgage industry is ensuring that the Loan Estimate matches the Closing Disclosure. Ernst Patented Monitoring technology revolutionizes the industry by ensuring that fees quoted upfront have the best chance to match the fees at the closing table

Fees change and that’s a challenge which our industry manages with every loan transaction every day. To complicate things, fees often change without anyone involved in the loan transaction knowing it until they reach the closing table. These changes can result in costly lender cures, unhappy borrowers and complicated closings.

Ernst’s Patented Monitoring Program not only alerts Lenders and Title Closing Agents working on the same loan of a change, it goes a step further and recalculates that change automatically and simultaneously sends notifications to the Lender and the Closing Agent. From quote to closing, Ernst’s Cost2Close program can monitor and alert parties to changes for all Ernst managed fees.

What fees do we monitor?

Any Fee managed in an Ernst Fee Engine or Ernst System can be monitored, including but not limited to:

Note: Applies only to fees managed for clients within Ernst Systems and Fee Engines

How does it work?

Once you enroll in COST2CLOSE, Ernst maintains details of all transactions processed through our system, every day, for 60 days or as agreed.

Who does Ernst notify and how?

Ernst Monitor Alerts are available in a range of formats, and can be sent to any number of different individuals within the Lender and Closing Agent’s organizations.

Why use Ernst’s Monitoring Program?

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