About Us

Ernst Information Services has been the leading authority on land recording requirements for over two decades. Through Web, XML, DLL and Custom Fee Engine technology we create solutions that improve how our clients process real estate transactions. Our Primary Goal is to assist our subscribers in meeting RESPA compliance requirements. We provide complete, guaranteed third party Good Faith Estimate (GFE) solutions that eliminate out of compliance Good Faith Estimates, real estate recording rejections, increase productivity; saving our clients time and money.

Over 10,000,000 documents are rejected by County Recorders creating over $500,000,000 in closing cost losses that are absorbed by the lending industry each year.

Our Solution:

Assisting our clients with RESPA compliance by providing guaranteed GFE solutions for all third party vendor fees is our focus. We have created and maintain the most comprehensive central database of information related to recording in the United States. Our data and calculations include:

  • Deeds
  • Mortgages
  • Mortgage Refinance Tax Credits
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Assignments
  • Releases
  • Satisfactions
  • Indexing Fees
  • Modifications
  • Buyer/Seller Splits
  • Federal Credit Union Exemptions
  • Torrens
  • Power of Attorney
  • Multiple Payee Addresses
  • Subordinations
  • Caption and Title Fees
  • Lenders’ Title Insurance Premium Estimates
  • Lenders’ Title Reissue Rates for Refinance Transactions
  • Owners’ Title Insurance Premium Estimates
  • Inspection Service:
    • Septic
    • Radon
    • Survey/Plat/Improvement Certification
    • Termite/Pest
    • Well
    • Roof
    • Water Test
    • Smoke Detector
    • Structural

Who are our clients?

Ernst programs process an average of 120,000,000 million real estate transactions or more each year.

We service:
  • 9 of the Top 10- Originators
  • 9 of the Top 10- Servicers
  • 5 of the Top 5- Title Companies

Why should you work with us?

Security in partnering with the leading Industry Experts:

Our solutions bring together the industry’s best to provide source solutions for all third party fees. Managing, updating and maintaining accurate third party vendor fees throughout the nation is OUR Business.

Currency and Accuracy are essential to Ernst’s success:

We verify and post an average of 9,000 changes to our Real Estate Recording Database each year. We calculate, Monitor and Analyze fee changes to provide you with the most accurate products in the marketplace.

Speed, Scalability and Customization are essential elements to your process:

Since 2002 we have produced flexible solutions that seamlessly integrate with your processing systems and reside within your platform while performing transaction speeds of less than ¼ second.

Reduce your Processing Costs:

Internal costs for companies to manually obtain current and accurate third party GFE fees can run as high as $100 or more per transaction. Average cost using Ernst can be as little as PENNIES PER TRANSACTION.

Our Commitment as a Recognized Industry Leader since 1992:

At Ernst we strive to create long-term industry solutions. Our approach to the marketplace is unique. We actively partner with the public and the private sectors to deliver mutually beneficial solutions for all parties. We realize that in today’s rapidly changing business environment, the private sector is faced with costly new regulatory requirements while the public sector is challenged by limited staffing and decreasing budgets. Understanding how these challenges negatively impact all parties is essential to delivering effective solutions. Ernst is active in assisting with drafting legislation to help standardize recording and foster industry communication. We have chosen to take the lead as educators in order to promote efficiency for the whole real estate industry. As a result we are actively involved with many organizations, some of these include:

  • 1989 First to standardize national land recording office fees and related information in all jurisdictions.
  • 1992 First to publish The UCC Filing Guide for commercial lending.
  • 1995 First to publish The Real Estate Recording Guide and its database.
  • 1997 First to provide land recording information on CD-ROM.
  • 1999 First to provide land recording and UCC filing information on the web.
  • 2000 First to publish legal guide to mortgage release law nationwide.
  • 2001 First to publish legal guide to Revised Article 9, co-authored legislation.
  • 2001 First to provide multiple recording fee and tax calculators on the web.
  • 2002 First to provide single query XML solution integrating recording fee and tax calculations.
  • 2004 First to provide an audit and warranty program for monitoring recording fees and taxes.
  • 2006 First to provide a client hosted XML DLL solution for recording fee and transfer tax calculations.
  • 2008 First to provide Guaranteed Recording Fees and Transfer Taxes.
  • 2009 First to provide a full RESPA Compliance Product Suite: GFE, Fee Monitoring, Compliance Analyzer and Fee Engine Programs.
  • 2010 First to provide a client managed Custom Fee Engine for RESPA Compliance.

For more information about Ernst Publishing Co. and our services, contact our Client Services office at 1-800-345-3822 or by e-mail.